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Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen

The primary task of the Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues (AKGl) is to counteract discrimination based on gender.

To the same extent, the AKGl is the contact for measures of discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or philosophy of life, sexual orientation or age. Sexual harassment is one of the acts of discrimination based on gender and is here also included.

If you encounter such discrimination, you can contact the AKGl or the office of the Working Group. There you will be shown understanding for your concerns in a protected area. We will of course treat your request confidentially. We offer you active support and assistance. Only those steps will be taken that you are willing to take. In agreement with you, we will then actively proceed against discrimination.

If you become a victim of mobbing in connection with the above-mentioned acts of discrimination, the AKGl will advise and support you in these matters as well.